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Server Co-Location

Server co-location enables you to house Internet servers off-site. You get better security, greater bandwidth, reliable redundant connections, power backups ( both UPS and generator), and no need to babysit your machine. We do that for you.

Tristateweb uses a dual homed redundant backbone connections with our all fiber network. 24/7 climate control, monitoring ( both fire and security) UPS battery backups as well as auxillary generators. All network equipment is state of the art. Backup routers, switches, and more are on hand just incase of a hardware failure.

Server co-location is designed for companies that have the capability and desire to manage a web server but need enhanced network capacity & performance. Server co-location eliminates the need to build a private infrastructure while providing you with direct backbone connectivity.


(your machine, your administration)
(our maintenance, our bandwidth)
$350.00 a month
$250.00 setup

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