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Internal Network

Here at Tristateweb we have taken great pains to build a strong and redundant system.  Our facility is climate controlled  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All electrical systems involved with the supply of power to the network facility are isolated form the normal power grid and engineered to withstand 3 times the greatest load we could possibly place on them.  The entire network facility is connected to multiple UPS systems as well as emergency generators.  This backup power system is tested weekly to insure it will always be there if ever needed.

We maintain extra pre-configured and pre-positioned routers  for each router on our network. This router is to make changeover a mater of seconds not hours or days should a router fail. We follow the same model with all switches and other equipment critical to network operations.

Tristateweb's all fiber network is multi-homed to make sure your connection is always stable. We do not buy our bandwidth from resellers.  All our connections are direct from the backbone to add to stability of the Tristateweb network.

Global Network

Through our redundant connections with UUNET and Global Crossing Network we provide Transit connectivity to ISP customers in 76 countries.

UUNET's network maintains the highest level of reliability with redundant and diverse paths to avoid single points of failure and provide optimal routing and traffic flow, as well as uninterruptible power supplies at every switching node. The network utilizes Smart Routing Technology to send  Internet packets as efficiently as possible and improving  performance. And with enough OC-12 (622 Mbps) fibre miles to circle the earth 10 times (February 1999), and network growth currently running at 1,000% per year, the UUNET network plans to have the bandwidth required for pioneering Internet services both now and in the future.  The UUdirect Transit service enables you and your customers to take advantage of UUNET's global network and world-wide peering agreements.

Coupled with the use of the Global Crossing Network to dual home all our bandwidth means you have the assurance of redundant connection that are multiple layer deep.

The Global Crossing Network, the most expansive, scalable, fiber optic  network available brings to the table the ability to deliver  customer content with the highest performance and availability levels that  customers demand. The network infrastructure is state-of-the-art, built from  the ground-up, and puts Internet Protocol (IP) directly over the fiber. The  network is architected with extensive peering relationships to route content to  the perimeter of the Global Crossing Network, bypassing the congested public  infrastructure. The Global Crossing Network today includes 92,700 route miles,  serving five continents, 24 countries, more than 170 major cities and has private peers with over 32 leading network providers with a presence at all seven major  public exchange points.


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